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Related article: Date: Thu, 7 Oct 2010 17:01:58 -0700 (PDT) From: Nan Valenzuela Subject: Aeternus Amor 2Disclaimer: Look At the first chapter for the details. ^^The words below are in Latin. So here are some words that you will find and may be confused about. However some words I won't say but if you do look them up you will be very surprised.Rector is for Leader. Versipellis is for shape shifter. Lamia can be seen as Vampire. Animus and Materia look it up and tell me ^^. (Even though I know what it means.) Aeternus Amor Why didn't you tell me? "Don't get in trouble okay?" I whispered. Not that I had any idea what that meant but still. Like they could understand me anyways. I gave one long look before I shut the door.That was weird. I shook my head and slowly walked into the house. If I stayed longer they would have killed me, probably. They must have been the ones scratching on the door. They wouldn't hurt me. What the fuck was I thinking? Three big wolves and me thinking they wouldn't hurt me. Shesh, Amber would tan my ass if she found me thinking about that."Tracey hurry up and sleep!" Mom yelled from her room. Best not to make her angry, since last time she practically chained me to my bed."On it!" I yelled back. I closed the door and slowly made my way to my room. Long, long, ago."There has been another body found..." I heard someone say as I walked down the market. I stopped right next to the woman who spoke and started looking at the fruits. "There killing closer to the village.""Yes, I heard they are too... not to mention they found a giant wolf dead on the riverside." Another woman whispered."You don't say? Who found it?" The first women asked, there was three women. Each of them I knew from my fathers church. Each of them got married a while back and showed up constantly at the sermons."They say the blacksmiths son found it..." One of them looked around and her eyes landed on me. "Oh hello there Sephy." The women all turned and gave me a little bow, I smiled when they rose.I wanted to here Underage Lolitas more. "Hello there. How are you ladies doing today?" I picked up a peach and observed it."Very well Sephy, how are you today?" The second woman, who I remembered was called Lucinda, reached over and kissed my temple. She was one of the daughters of the Rectors of our village. Just couldn't remember who."Very well. Just doing some shopping for father.""We are shopping too just for our husbands." The third woman said. I couldn't remember her name nor the first ones either. "Well we should be off. We will see you later Sephy." Lucinda patted my shoulder and passed me with the other women.I finished the shopping and made my way back to the church. I was filled with curiosity. I've heard that there was wolves around the village but one of them was found? They said those wolves were big enough for a person to carry. I put the things away before I went to find father."May his holy light protect you my children..." Father waved goodbye to a few people as I entered the chapel. He turned around and smiled when he saw me. "Are you done with the shopping son?""Yes, father," I bowed a little bit and fallowed him to the altar. "How was the funeral?" One of the Rector's son's passed away just a few days after birth."Just like any other," Father started lighting the altars candles. "How was the market today?""Just like any other day aside from the talk of the wolves." I looked over to the side hoping father knew something, by the look on his face he did."Yes I'm sure with the body found in the riverside..." I saw him shake his head. "It's getting dangerous and they are starting to listen to me.""Listen to you?"He nodded. "I told them of the Versipellis..."He sighed and sat down on his pedestal chair. "They didn't listen to me before but now..." He shook his head again."So are you saying that those wolves are Versipellis?" He nodded. "But those are myths father." Myths that I spent my whole entire life learning. They just called to me."Are you so sure my son? Our little village has things happening that can't be explained. The same thing can be said for the Lamia.""That's going a little to far don't you think?" I relight a candle that had extinguished."Remember the body of the young girl who was completely drained?" I shivered. She was completely drained of all blood and her face was destroyed. "Just be careful when you leave the Church my son." He rose and walked towards the villagers who entered the chapel.After I finished my chores I spent time reading from the old scriptures of the Church. There were countless stories of Versipellis and Lamia. Taking a blanket and a few scrolls, I went down to the Sanctuary. It was a place only Father and I could go to. I put the blanket down and started reading.Soon the sun faded and the stars appeared one by one. I rolled up the scrolls and rose up, taking a deep breath. The Sanctuary was filled with countless flowers that father let me plant. He said that flowers had a special ability. Each one was different and with care they where magical in their own way. Something I found strange from him, a pastor.There was a whimper and a whine somewhere close. I froze. There was another whimper and a thump. "Is anyone there?" I called out but it was silent. There was another whimper and a loud groan. I slowly walked further down the Sanctuary and was surprised to find three giant wolves on the grass. One was bright red and was laying on its side bleeding. Another was black barely standing, its head was low and was coughing blood. The last one was trying to get the red one to move but to no avail It was black with patches of white. A few on its paws and a giant patch on its underbelly.It had blood but not as much as the other ones. It took a sniff and went on full alert. It turned slightly and looked at me, unmoving. I stared at it and it stared back. I was trying to figure out how I was going to live. Though from the look of them they couldn't really do anything.The red one moved a little bit and gave out another loud whine. The black and white one looked at it and nudged it with its mussel. The pure black one whimpered and fell on its side. The wolf gave me one last look before it fell down on the grass. PresentThe first half of school was rather awkward to say the least. Not only were people staring at, but they were like looking at me differently. As they never saw me before. When I met someone's gaze I lifted an eyebrow and they hurriedly turned to the side."Well well well..." Tom sat down next to me and gave me the same look everyone else was giving me."What?" I rose and eyebrow.He shook his head. "How did you turn them?""Turn who?""Isaac and Sam?" Ruby sat down in front of me and started opening her milk. "Everyone knows the fact that both of them couldn't keep their hands off you." She pushed back her glasses and put a straw on the milk, taking little sips."They just had one arm on my shoulder and waist..." I backed up a little bit when Ruby squealed, so did Tom. The backing up not the squealing. "What?""I can't believe they did that!" Ruby clapped her hands. "So who are you going to choose?""My carrot sticks..." I took a carrot and dipped it in ranch. "They are the best." Not to mention they didn't have a weird aftertaste."Why are you here and not with your boyfriends?" Amber sat down and frowned at me."What do you mean?" I gave her a little glare but she poked my forehead."Why are you here talking to us, when you have two hot guys that want to put their arms around you?!" She put her hand on my shoulder and shook it a little bit. She pointed behind me and I turned around.Sam and Isaac gave me a little wave. I blushed. They were sitting at there usual table but they were a little bit away from their normal friends. I did notice that Ash was not there though.I took a sip from my water and sighed, "What you want me to do?""Go over there and reel one in! You have an opportunity that every girl here wants and some guys too." Amber gripped my shoulder and Ruby nodded."Shouldn't he be the one who wants to go not you girls?" Tom reached over and took a carrot."Well he doesn't know what to..."Amber looked over my shoulder and her eyes got wide. "Make some room!" She moved her tray a little to the side."Why?" Ruby's eyes got a little wide and she started to blush. I lifted my eyebrow and looked over at Tom who shook his head. I think I heard 'Oh brother'."So how is your day going Tracey?" I turned over and blushed, Sam and Isaac had their food."Good and yours?" I gave him a smile and was surprised when both of them sat right next to me. Isaac was on my right and Sam was on my left."Same, just wanted to hang out with my little buddy," He put his arm over my shoulder again and have me a little hug. Amber and Ruby both gave a little squeal and blushed slightly.I introduced the guys to my friends and we started eating. Amber was different this lunch period compared to others, this time she didn't even fight with Tom. Usually it was about him ignoring her. Tom and Sam hit it off and were talking about basketball teams. Isaac was silent but talked to me here and there. Ruby talked a little but was mostly silent."Oh what do you guys think about the wolves?" Amber asked out of nowhere, I should have known though. She was fascinated about wolves."What about them?" Sam's hand tightened a little on my shoulder but loosened quickly."There was a picture yesterday of a red wolf and we are wondering if they are dangerous. What do you guys think?" Amber took out the same newspaper from yesterday and showed them."Versipellis...." I said as I looked at the picture again."What Tracey?" Amber lifted and eyebrow, she put the newspaper away."What did you say?" Sam looked at me searching for something, another thing passed through his eyes. I turned to the side and Isaac was doing the same thing."Nothing I just said something outta random..." I blushed looked down at my food. "So what you guys think?" Taking the spotlight out of me and giving it back to them."I think they are just making a big fuss over nothing." Isaac started eating his food, just pure meat. Mystery meat ewww."He is right, wolves tend to come closer into town once the food gets scarce." Sam took a bite of his sandwich, all meat."That is true... " Ruby blushed a little bit and pushed up her glasses. "Since it's winter they are hunting out of their range to survive."Amber gave a little sigh, "That is true... I thought there was something secret going on and they were experimental wolves. Seeing as they are really huge and all." She frowned and started eating her jello."Babe, there was definitely something experimental about your birth." Tom gave her a smile and ducked away from her jello.The fallowing week was rather interesting. Sam and Isaac had somehow became integrated into our group. The weird part was that they didn't even mention Ash. I saw him occasionally and he was angry each time I saw him. Though when I saw him I was with his friends.I did feel bad about taking his friends, but did I? Who knows if he did the same thing to them as he did to me. I didn't ask for the main fact that I didn't want to upset them.Also Sam was so cute! Through out the week, he gave me little things like a dog plushy or dog shaped food. Not real dog food mind you but cookies shaped like a dog or candy with dogs designs. Not to mention a few notes he passed me through out the school day. Most of them were little notes about how his day was going and how he missed me.Isaac was almost the opposite. He usually got me something to drink or offered to get me something. However, when Sam or one of the girls said they did he would ignore them. Whenever I met him walking on the hallways he fallowed me to my class. It was funny to see him glare at a few people when they got a little to close to him. "So are any of those boys pressuring you into anything?" Mom was drinking a little wine as she slowly ate.I gave out a loud groan and shoved the remainder of my hot dog in my mouth. Yes, laugh and giggle. A hot wiener in my mouth."Is that a gesture for something?" She rose her eyebrow.I chewed slowly and took a drink of water. "No. They are not and why would that be a gesture for something?" I rolled my eyes."Well I don't know seems pretty suggestive to me...""Well than you are a perv.""Tracey!""No I am not doing anything! Trust me. They are just being nice to me." I went to the sink and started washing my plate.She looked at me for a second. "Just because they seem nice doesn't mean they have some secret agenda.""Like?""Sex. They could only be after sex. They haven't know you that long and they have been giving you things and putting there hands on you." She crossed her arms and stared at me."How do you know that?" I blushed."People have been talking..." Amber must have told her something. Or another parent must have told her to watch out or something. Damn the parent teacher conferences. They just make it easier to get in trouble at times."Well don't worry I'm a big boy." I walked over to the back door. Maybe some stargazing could wash the embarrassment."That's what I worry about." She said before I closed the door.I sat down on the lawn chair and stared up at the sky. Ash and I used to do that before the little incident. I shook my head. He hadn't done anything to me yet so why would I bring him up? I miss him. I did so not miss him. I crossed my arms. There was no way I could miss someone who could throw me so easily away. Just because I could have done something stupid or mean by accident.There was a scratching at the fence door and I slowly made my way over. I opened the door slightly and was surprised to see Fluffy, the neighbors cat, scratching the door. I gave a little smile and let him go inside."Tracey..." I turned looked and nearly tripped over a rock. Ash was leaning against a tree."What the fuck are you doing here?" I put my hand over my chest, my heart was beating fast. "Leave my friends alone or you will get hurt..." Ash face was stern and dark."News check their my friends now also. You have no power over me Ash. Also I don't take kindly to threats..." I glared at him and crossed my arms. "They have a right to be who ever's friends.""They do but not you!" He pushed himself from the tree and looked down at me. Fear was one thing I was feeling but I crushed it."Who says?" I looked back at him."I do!" His eyes pierced mine and I held my ground."You don't own them and you don't mean anything to me. You made sure of that..." I looked over to the side. "I don't know what I did to make you hate me but I won't let you decide who can be my friends!""I don't hate you..." He said lowly."Then why each time I get near you with our friends, you get all angry?" I turned to look at him. Something flashed in his eyes."Because there are things you don't know and you will get hurt!" He growled out."Me get hurt? How? They don't seem to be like you! I highly doubt they would become my best friends and one day start hating me!" I wanted so bad to punch him."I. Don't. Hate. You." He growled out each word."Yes, you do! Don't Underage Lolitas you lie! Just me being here right now I can see how angry you are!""Angry for another reason not you..." He looked over to the side. "You just don't understand...""Don't understand what? That maybe your friends like me more than just friends and you don't like that?" I shook my head. "I should have known. That would make perfect sense," I made sure my voice had venom. "You know maybe I should just hate you..."He was silent."The friendship we had before was all just a joke to you wasn't it?" He was quiet. "Guess that means I'm right doesn't it?" I sighed. "I can't believe I even cared for you once.""What?" I heard him take a deep breath."Yup, I cared for you a lot but after you went crazy on me I just couldn't. Why should I?" I shook my head again. At least I could get some closure. "You don't like me and I will not like you either. Just don't talk to me," I took a deep breath. "I know you hate me and I hate you! You're dead to me and for sure I'm dead to you." I turned around and started walking.There was a little noise and next thing Underage Lolitas I knew I was on something going really fast. I closed my eyes as the air went passed my body. I gripped on what ever I was on top off and next thing I new my back was pressed up against something hard. I moved my hands to the side and felts bark, I was pushed up against a tree.I looked up and met face to face with Ash. I looked down and automatically looked back up. He was stark naked. I blushed and closed my eyes. He was really close to me, I could feel his breath pass by my face."I..." He paused and I heard him take a deep breath. "Don't hate you. Nor do I want you to be dead to me.""You are lying and why are you nake-" His lips pressed against mine. My eyes were wide open and I felt his body press against mine."I'm not lying..." I blushed when his face rubbed against mine. "Why would I hate you... you don't even know why. But I can't be with you..." I let out a moan as his lips touched the crook of my neck. "Animus materia."I gave a little shiver when his teeth nipped my neck. Someone had pointy teeth. "What does that mean?""You know what it means... Materia...." I heard him take a quick breath. I resisted the urge to touch his skin. It was right there. Unprotected by anything. But I closed my eyes, resisting temptation."Why... are you doing this?" I gave a little whimper when he bit down on my neck and started sucking."Because I don't want you to hate me..." He whispered below my ear. "On the contrary you are my animus...""I'm your what?" I gave a little whimper as he lifted me up and but my legs around his waist."Animus...." He whispered under my ear. He licked and sucked lightly."If... you do anything..." I held in a little moan. "To me I will hate you...""I won't do anything you don't want me to do..." I felt his nose Underage Lolitas on my neck. "Animus..." He breath on my neck and I shivered."Then stop..." This wasn't right. "We shouldn't do this."He took a deep breath again and lowered me down. I didn't fail to notice something big was pointing up. I just ignored it as it lifted my shirt up a little. "Sorry. Couldn't control myself there for a minute."I nodded. Neither could I. For those few seconds it was like he possessed everything of me. Mind and body. "Why did you do it though?"He didn't even care that he was naked as I fixed my clothes a little. I tried my best to ignore is body, if I didn't watch myself he wouldn't be the only one up. I blushed, when I caught a Underage Lolitas glimpse of his naked body again. Pale and muscly, a some hair on his chest and other parts. I blushed harder and turned to the side."Like I said I don't hate you. It's the opposite," He looked over to the side. "I do what I do to keep you safe.""Keep me safe?" He nodded, not looking at me. Something clicked. Sam and Ms. Candy talked about someone not wanting them to talk to someone. Or him rather and then Ash got angry when Sam was with me. I was the him and the one who doesn't want them near me was Ash. "You told Isaac and Sam to keep away from me didn't"He turned around sharply and rose an eyebrow. Underage Lolitas "How did you know? Did they say something?" I shook my head. "Then how?""I over heard something when I was in the nurse's office. Why did they say they shouldn't get near me for my safety?" Another thought struck my head. "And why are you naked?"He shook his head. "Why are you here?" I was silent, was he talking to me? "Well?""Sheesh can't you not be a bastard!?" Sam walked out from behind a tree and Isaac fallowed soon after.My eyes got huge, both of them were naked. They were just like Ash, had muscles and a hair in a few places. I blushed and turned around facing the tree. At least they weren't up like Ash was, if you Underage Lolitas catch my drift."I'm what I am because of my friends..." Ash Underage Lolitas said with a chuckle. That was a strange thing to hear, since mostly what I heard from him was anger."Shit head..." Sam gave a little laugh. "Why did you bring him here? Wasn't it you that said he should be left alone?""Yet, you broke what I said." Ash snapped."No promises." Isaac said calmly."You kept it till now with or without a promise. Why now?" Ash leaned against the tree, next to me. I continued to look at the tree. Wondering when they would stop talking like I wasn't there. Not that I didn't mind not seeing them naked."We missed him." Sam whispered. I almost missed it."You know the risks if he is with us." I saw Ash give one of them a stern look."Yet you where giving him your scent?""Shove it Isaac," Ash put his hand on his head and shook it. "It was a lapse in judgment. It won't happen again.""Fine, if you don't want him than I will take him." I heard Sam's voice come closer."Do it and you die." Ash moved and covered my body with his, at least from what I could tell. Still didn't want to turn around here."Tough talk for someone who wants to give up his Materia. If Sam doesn't have the balls to fight you, I do.""I haven't given up on him! What would you do if it was your Materia?" Ash growled out."He could just easily be mine as yours," Isaac growled out. "You got him once but can you again?" There was a pause. "If he was mine I would fight for him not leave him alone.""You are not the same as me." Ash growled again. What was it with the growling?"You know as well as we do, that for your Materia you do anything. No matter what happens, you protect them and love them." Sam had his turn for a growl. What was it? Volleyball but growl style? Who ever served talked in a growl?I was surprised that they still didn't even acknowledge my existence. They could have at least told me what the hell was going on right? What the hell was Materia?"FINE!" Ash gave a load howl.I turned my head around and pushed my back to the tree. Ash ran towards Isaac at full speed, something about his body was weird. In a flash he was a giant black and white wolf. There was a howl from the side, I turned and saw Sam run towards the wolf. The same thing was happening to him and soon he was replaced by a giant red wolf."Tracey stay were you are and don't move!" Isaac yelled out and jumped on the red wolf, in the air he gave a loud howl and he shifted into a full black wolf.My eyes were wide as red wolf slammed into the oreo wolf. (Hey give me a break. What else could I say?) The oreo wolf slide a little bit but bite down on the red wolfs foot. The black wolf pounce on both wolves and rammed the oreo one to the side.Have to stop them, I thought. But how could I?The red wolf got the black one by the tail and pulled him off the oreo one. Black turned around and slashed against the red wolfs side. Red let out a whimper but kicked the black one in a flip. Oreo shook his head and turned to look at me for a second before he howled and took down black in a pounce.There has to be a way to stop them.I bit my lip. My eyes started watering when the wolves rammed each other and slide to the backwards. They were hurting each other, for what me? "Stop!" I yelled but they ran towards each other. "STOP!" I yelled as loud as I could.They stopped mid run and turned my way. "Please stop," I fell on my knees. "Don't hurt each other. Friends aren't suppose to fight each other.""Can't believe we did this again," I heard Sam give a chuckle and took a deep breath. "Damn your claws are sharp Isaac.""Of course unlike you I make sure everything is sharp," Isaac gave a little chuckle, "Sorry about that Tracey.""No more tears okay?" Ash leaned down close to me. "Sorry, we shouldn't have gone like that. Sometimes the wolf in us goes a little crazy." He gave a little chuckle. "So okay?"I gave a little sniffle and whipped away the tears. "Take me home.""But-" I stopped Ash with my finger."We need to talk later. All of us. But for right now can you take me home? Mom would be worried if I don't come back."Ash nodded and lifted me up."Tomorrow is Saturday so we can have the whole day to talk. Good for you Tracey?" I nodded. Sam gave me a little smile. "Ash make sure you don't take to long. We need to talk also. Night Tracey.""Night Sam. Night Issac." Ash closed his eyes and started shaking, there was a little flash and he was wolf again."See you tomorrow." Isaac gave me a little wave as I got on the wolf, the wolf or rather Ash was nudging me. I gripped on his collar fur and soon he started running, I closed my eyes and wished to be home soon. Soon he stopped and I felt his skin against the palm of my hands. I immediately jumped off his back and blushed. "I'll pick you up early in the morning. Sorry I should have kept my mouth shut and left you alone." Ash lifted his hand but but it back on his side."See you then." I gave a little nod and gave him a little look. He shifted back and ran back the way we came. I went inside the house and went into my room. What the hell was going on?Long, long, ago."What are you going to do today son?" Father took out a scroll and started marking down a few things.I took an apple from the bowl and took a little bit. I swallowed, "Going to take care of the plants in the sanctuary.""That's Underage Lolitas good, today there will be meeting concerning the wolves. So it would be best if you did not go out. The rest of the young ones will be home anyway."I nodded. I took a pale of water and made sure that father was still reading before I left. Making sure that I had some sort of rags, I made myself into the Sanctuary. I went down the spiraling trail and headed into the cave.Father didn't know about the cave. Or rather he didn't mention it yet. The three wolves were still sleeping. I dipped the rags in water and started whipping the blood from each wolf. They hadn't killed me and I didn't want them to die. If I didn't treat them they could die from infection.After cleaning them I, sneaked back into the church and stole some meat. Maybe if I was nice to them and gave them food they wouldn't try to kill me. When I returned to the cave I put the dry rags on top of the wolves. I made a little fire, couldn't really make a big one, and took out a scroll from my bag. Someone had to be on guard duty right?One of the wolves moved a little bit and gave a little whimper. I put the scroll down and walked towards the wolves. The black and white one gave a little whimper. I put my hand on his head and was surprised to find it hot. Feverish. I checked the other wolves and they were the same. I dipped the wet rags again and placed them on top of their heads.It was the only thing I remembered about fevers. For the next few days I took care of the barely moving wolves. Giving them water and food were rather difficult, they had big teeth and I worried about losing my hands. Soon I was able to actually put my hand in their mouths to make sure the food was in there."Hi there big guy are you feeling better?" The black and white wolf slowly opened his eyes. Once his eyes landed on me he started tensing. "Guess that means you are better huh?" I reached over to the side and took out a piece of meat. "Hungry?" I tossed it to him and kept myself eye level.It stared at me for a few seconds before it attacked the meat. I slowly made my way to the water pale and put some water into a bowl. If it was that hungry maybe some water could help. I placed it next to the sleeping red wolf and sat down near the fire. When it finished the meat it looked at me before going close to the bowl. It gave it a sniff before taking a little cautious lick. When it started licking more I tilted my head.Male wolf. So they were all male wolves. When I moved the others I took not of their gender. The black and white one was on its stomach when I brought him into the cave, so I couldn't tell before. Not that I wanted to check out a wolves package anyway.After it finished drinking he looked at me with cautious eyes. "Don't worry, I won't hurt you." I gave it a little smile before taking out another piece of meat. I wouldn't hurt it, I wouldn't be risking my life if I was. "Still hungry?" I lifted the meat up slowly. I doubted it understood me but if I kept myself calm maybe it wouldn't hurt me.It looked at the meat and back at me. It moved closer slowly, looking at my reaction I presumed. I kept my breathing slow as it slowly made its way towards me. It gave my hand a sniff before it took the meat from my hand and started eating. "That's a good boy." I smiled and slowly rose my hand. "Can I pet you?" I asked.It stopped eating for a second and teared into it again. Taking that as a good sign I put my hand on its head. Soft and warm. I smiled. At least it didn't want to kill me, yet. I gave it another piece of meat when it finished. I frowned when I noticed I ran out. At least I was going to the market tomorrow. Maybe I could get more. Father noticed that we were running low on meat this morning too. Though he thought I was starting to eat meat.I for one did not like the killing of animals for their meat. When it finished it looked at me expectantly. "Sorry boy but I don't have any more right now." It gave a little whine and sat down, staring at me. I stared back and it continued it gaze. At least it wasn't digging it teeth into my skin Underage Lolitas at least."Sephy! Where are you? Dusk is approaching!" I heard fathers voice ring out.I stood up and so did the wolf, its body was tense and at full alert."Don't worry he doesn't know about you," I patted its head before I ran out the cave. I made my way up the trail and gave my Underage Lolitas father a smile. "Sorry father I saw a little Robbin nearby.""Don't Underage Lolitas go to far away from the Sanctuary." He shook his head and started walking back towards the church, with me at his feet. I made my way towards the cave, having done the shopping and getting extra meat of course. When I reached the cave I was surprised to see that the two sleeping wolves were no longer sleeping. All three wolves went on guard when I entered the cave but the black and white one gave a little whine and they relaxed."So are you hungry?" I reached into my bag and took out a piece of meat. The black and white wolf slowly made his way towards and sniffed the meat again. I felt his tongue on my fingertips before he took the meat out of my hands.He started eating it slowly. The other two wolves slowly made their way towards me. "Guess you two want some too," I reached inside and took out a few more pieces and tossed it to them. They sniffed the meat before they started eating. I walked closed to the wall, not wanting to make them angry, and started the fire again.I put filled the bowl with water again and sat down close to the fire. Some protection, right? I took out a scroll and started reading again. I did make sure to keep an eye on them. Red was drinking water, Black was chewing and staring at me, and the last one was making its way towards me."What are you still hungry?" I reached over to my bag and searched for some meat. When I looked to the side I gave a little gasp."Why are you helping us?"Present.I took out a cup and poured orange juice into it. Okay, so lets see if I'm actually crazy. I took a drink and pinched myself. Nope still real. I gave a little sigh, damn. Mom was off to work and I was waiting for Ash. Though I still told myself that it was all a dream. However the strands of fur on my clothes said other wise."What am I going to do?" I gave another sigh."Come with me and understand a few things." I jumped and around the room, my eyes landed on a naked Ash. I blushed and put my hand on my chest."How did you get in my house? And why are you naked?" I turned around and started to wash my cup. Anything to keep my eyes away from his nakedness."Shifting destroys my clothes, so nakedness is a side affect. Getting inside your house is easy. You left your window open."He used to get inside my house by sneaking into my room via the window. "Can't you keep some clothes nearby or something?" I looked at him and immediately looked to the side, blushing. He was leaning against the wall."Why? I like being naked. Less constricting," I saw his eyebrow lift up. "Have a problem with me being naked?""Yes. It's weird seeing you naked," I looked at him again and blushed harder. "What if my mom shows up?""She won't I'll smell her from far away," He tapped his nose. "Senses are amplified. Not to mention if she did walk in she would just find you here alone."I rose my eyebrow."I can be super fast if I want to. How is seeing me naked weird?" His face got a little grin."How can it not be? I haven't seen you naked before. Well not since yesterday at least." I blushed at the memory of the three guys naked."Get that thought out of your mind." He growled."What?""Isaac and Sam.""What about them?" I rose my eyebrow. There was no way he could know what I just thought of."Don't think of them naked." He pursed his lips into a tight line."It's a free country. Nothing stopping me from thinking about that." I gave him a wink and started to walk to the door.He appeared right in front of me. "You are mine!" He growled mine and I shivered. "Your thoughts should only involve me and me alone.""Possessive bas-" -tard. His lips landed on mine and he pulled my body into his. Damn.******************************************************************************* ^^ So how do you guys like this story? Reviews anyone don't be shy ^^.()() (^^)
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